Dry Needling Glendale AZ

Dry Needling Service in Glendale AZ

Dry needling is an intervention where the trained Sports Physical Therapist introduces a fine filiform needle into the tissue that is causing the pain or tightness. This creates a healing response in the tissue.

The needles are placed into the tissue and can be left alone for a period of 8-20 minutes or for a larger response can be manipulated or hooked up to electric stimulation.

There are many reasons we may consider complimenting your treatment plan with dry needling:
• Simple muscle tightness, strains sprains and overworked body needing recovery.
• We can also activate a muscle that is down regulated via dry needling.

When needles are placed close to the site of pain, we tap into all 3 levels of pain control (local, segmental, and systemic)

Many Types of Tissues Benefit From Dry Needling Including:

• Muscle
• Fascia
• Tendon
• Capsule
• Ligaments
• Perineural tissue.

Benefits of Dry Needling:

• Reduces local and referred pain.
• Improves Range of Motion.
• Optimizes the recovery process.
• Peripheral and central desensitization.

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