Physical Therapy FAQ’s

Do You Accept My Insurance?

We do not contract with insurance. However, we can provide an invoice at the end of the plan of care if you would like to submit for out-of-network reimbursement. This is the sole responsibility of the client and there is no guarantee of reimbursement from your insurance provider. We have made this decision with the goal of being able to better serve you, the client. This model allows us to provide you with unbiased and unrestricted care.

Where Can I Be Treated?
Anywhere you would like; we are here to make your care as convenient as possible!  We can travel to your home, office, school, gym, etc. We will bring all the necessary supplies to treat you.
Do I Need A Physician’s Referral To Be Seen?
No, in the state of Arizona Physical Therapists have Direct Access; meaning you can legally be treated without a referral.
How Much Does A Session Cost?
Please call or email to discuss our individualized treatment plans and their associated costs.
What is a Wellness Program?
Our wellness/injury prevention program is designed to help the client who wants ongoing maintenance therapy to allow for safe long-term enjoyment of their recreational or sporting activities. This program allows you to work closely with a Physical Therapist who knows your body and your goals in order to maximize your home exercise routine, provide hands on manual therapies when indicated and prevent injury so that you can continue to enjoy your recreational activities.
Why Should I See You Instead of Going To A Physical Therapist Or Other Providers That Take My Insurance?
Wall 2 Wall Sports & Rehab is a mobile concierge Physical Therapy practice. This means we take the burden off of you and your busy schedule. We come to you, provide all the necessary equipment and perform  an extensive initial assessment by a Doctor of PT.  We believe the patient and the clinician should be the individuals making the decision regarding your therapy plan of care. Your insurance payer should not be involved in dictating which Doctors/Therapists you can see, which services you can receive and how frequently you can receive those services. By eliminating the restrictions of insurance, we at Wall 2 Wall have the freedom to provide you a level of individualized care that is impossible to achieve in the current payer-driven health care model in the United States. You will have the undivided attention of your physical therapist, never be treated by an assistant or tech and will maintain continuity of care allowing for the best possible outcomes. It is not necessary to see your physician prior to seeing us, one less copay and one less hassle for you. There is no need to find child care, No drive time, No wait room times, minimizes risk of community infection and Demonstration of exercises in the environment you will be performing
What Can I Expect On The First Visit?
-When you call to schedule you will talk directly with me.      -We will set up a time and location (home, office, gym, park-your convenience)      -You will fill out medical history forms online so that we can review your medical hx prior to our session, this allows us to focus on current impairments on our first session.      -The day of your evaluation, we will sit down and I will listen to your story.      -We will then perform a PT assessment on our treatment table, looking at active and passive motion, muscle strength and stability assessments.     -We will discuss our PT diagnosis and discuss any potential red flags.      -We will determine whether you are appropriate for PT intervention or if we need to refer you for further medical care.      -We will begin treatment on day one and answer any questions you may have at the end of session.        -You will be provided PT’s contact information for 24/7 access and will be provided a home program if appropriate. 
What Areas Of The Valley Do You Cover?

We cover the majority of the valley, from Scottsdale to Surprise, Anthem to Downtown Phoenix. If you need our assistance, give us a call.

Do You Communicate Or Work With My Doctors?
Yes, we will fax our initial assessment to your PCP if you would like, we will also call your physician with any concerns or barriers along our course. 
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