Physical Therapy For Golfers Glendale AZ

TPI Certified-Titleist Performance Institute

It is TPI’s belief, as well as my personal belief, that the most efficient golf swing is not the same for every individual. Movement patterns and positions are unique to each body. I begin my Golf Performance Assessment by a thorough, systematic screen looking at the golfer’s health history, joint range of motion, stability, strength, and eventually movement biomechanics within the swing. 
I then build a detailed, individualized plan based on the impairments noted in the assessment. Wall 2 Wall Sports & Rehab will address these impairments with physical therapy interventions which will allow you to get into your most efficient and effective golf positions, pain free. This will be reassessed frequently with video evidence to show you the progress along the way. 
Depending on your impairments that are notable in the TPI assessment, we can build a program that focuses on key fundamental areas to improve your golf swing including stability, mobility, sequencing, and power development.
I often work closely with an individual’s swing instructor to help facilitate a comprehensive team to build the safest, most efficient, and repeatable swing pattern for you.
Joint Mobility Therapy Glendale AZ

Common Joint Mobility

Restrictions in the Golfer

Thoracic Spine
Cervical Spine
Muscular Therapy Glendale AZ

Common Muscular

Restrictions in the Golfer

Latissimus Dorsi
Deep hip external rotators
Tensor Fascia Lata
Pectoralis major/minor
Upper trapezius
Inhibited/Weak Muscles Therapy Glendale AZ

Common Inhibited/Weak

Muscles in the Golfer

Gluteus maximus/medius
Internal/External Obliques
Serratus Anterior
Lower/middle trapezius
Quadratus lumborum
TPI Certified-Titleist Performance Institute
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