KT Taping Glendale AZ

KT Taping in Glendale AZ
Kinesiology Tape was developed in the 1970’s by Kenzo Kase in Japan, he wanted to develop a product that was more elastic than typical medical tape and that would mimic the skin, muscles and tendons of the body.

Today, we use KT tape to do just that, mimic the muscles. When applying this elastic tape to different areas of the body it allows an altered sensory input into your system but allows full range of motion and full participation in activity.

As Physical Therapists we use different KT tape techniques for different desired outcomes including, upregulation of muscle tone, down regulation of muscle tone, reduction of swelling, increased stability, or pain relief. The benefit of KT tape is its functionality, it can be worn for days at a time and ho

KT tape is an adjunct to our typical exercise prescription and dosing as well as manual therapy but can be used in conjunction to improve speed of recovery and increase activity participation.

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