Pneumatic Compression Recovery Therapy Glendale AZ

Pneumatic Compression Recovery Therapy Glendale AZ

What is Compression Therapy?

Pneumatic compression therapy has been around in some shape or form for hundreds of years. However, in the sports medicine world it has gained popularity more recently. Wall 2 Wall Sports & Rehab has invested in state-of-the-art pneumatic compression therapy system to allow our athletes and active adults to recover and feel better faster and allow them to attack their next workout with more intensity.

The primary function of these compression sleeves is to activate the lymphatic system, which helps to eliminate waste materials, irritation, and edema while promoting healthy blood flow back into the area. Current research shows that circulation in the legs is improved by wearing these boots after exercise.

Compression treatment works by boosting blood flow to portions of the body, encouraging your body to supply more oxygen and nutrients to those areas, allowing you to recover faster, feel better, and perform better.

Gravity encourages poor circulation in your legs when you work as a nurse, doctor, chiropractor, construction worker, wedding photographer, or another trade that needs you to stand all day.

Who can benefit?

Almost all athletes can benefit from compression recovery therapy, this includes your traditional Football, Basketball, Baseball and soccer players or your more untraditional pickleballers, golfers, crossfitters and triathletes etc.

Another group of individuals that benefit are active adults who like to bike, hike or are on their feet daily for work responsibilities. When your occupation requires you to stand all day, such as nurses, doctors, chiropractors, construction workers, wedding photographers/videographers, and others, gravity promotes poor circulation in your legs, our compression system will help to return this fluid to your system and flush the broken-down toxins out of the lower extremities.

Lastly, individuals who have been diagnosed with pathologies that affect circulation, such as Diabetes, Varicose veins, and peripheral artery disease will benefit.

What is the Duration of a Compression Therapy Session?

We have a variety of options for your convenience, we bring our system to you. If you don’t have time for a full physical therapy session you can schedule for a 30-60 min recovery session where compression therapy is included. We also offer lease of our equipment so that you can use our system in your home daily for a more comprehensive treatment. Please call us for more details 602-837-1244.

Does compression therapy hurt?

Compression treatment is quite pleasant for most individuals. While compression therapy does provide pressure to the treated region, most individuals find the treatment to be quite soothing and enjoyable. Our Doctor level Physical Therapist will always be present during your first session of Compression therapy and will teach you the ins and outs of compression therapy to keep you safe and on the road to recovery.

Benefits of Compression Therapy

Athletes from various sports have started donning puffy, intergalactic-looking contraptions to benefit from compression treatment. Athletes have used compression garments during and after exercise long before these suits were invented (and still do).

Compression treatment, as you can see, is quite beneficial for a variety of conditions and for people from many walks of life. Depending on your recovery journey, compression therapy may be advised by your PT. The Physical Therapists at Wall 2 Wall Sports & Rehab are certified and licensed to create specific recovery plans for patients, which may include the utilization of the compression recovery devices.  

Benefits of compression therapy

Faster recovery time

Reduces appearance of varicose veins

Relieves pain

Improved oxygen to your muscles

Aids in the prevention and reduction of cellulite appearance

Warms the muscles and improves mobility

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