Are you tired of coming home exhausted after treating 12+ patients a day?

Don’t you wish you didn’t have to worry about complying with so many insurance restrictions when it comes to your billing?

One of the reasons Wall 2 Wall Sports & Rehab is growing is because we have a concierge style practice, which only allows you to see 5 patients in a day…MAX!

Because of our growth, we are looking to add more inspired DPT’s like you who are looking to move their career into a growing practice.

Because of our easy-to-follow comprehensive training program, becoming a leader in this innovative physical therapy practice is absolutely something you can do!

The owner and founder of Wall 2 Wall Sports & Rehab has experienced the same frustrations of the traditional PT model that you are currently experiencing and has successfully created a practice without them. Now we are looking for people like you to join this team!

In our practice you don’t have to worry about being over worked and getting burnt out because we limit you to 25 total visits in a week and give you complete independence with your schedule!

Our training program virtually guarantees your success! Frist we will discuss with you the details of our business model so that you can see how realistic it is to make nearly double your hourly rate all while seeing under half of your current caseload. Then, we will teach you how to create and manage your schedule, utilize our customizable documentation system, and create simple, yet effective treatment plans. Finally, we will teach you how to provide the high-quality care that you have always dreamed of delivering but have been unable to deliver in the outdated model you currently practice in.

Within 30 days you will join our team of Board-Certified Specialists who will guide and mentor you at Wall 2 Wall Sports & Rehab and you will begin seeing physical therapy in a new light!

To get started in your new career, its simple, just start your online application today using the button below.

Don’t wait another moment, you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Not only are you going to be great at this, but you are going to be so much happier. We can’t wait for you to get started.

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